As a Black Man, What Happens in Vegas (at Circus Circus) Stays with Me Forever

By Chef Mick Brown

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Chef Mick Brown to present “Making BBQ Healthy and Authentic at NBBQA “I Am BBQ 2018”

Thanks for checking in with Chef Mick. Special Greetings to those who have followed me on Google, YouTube and in Social Media over the years. Of course, I have read and heard about strong arm robbery and racial discrimination in my lifetime. Who ever thought it would be done to me by a hotel in Las Vegas, with the aid of local police? I thought that I was staying at one of the happiest places on earth- Circus Circus Resort and Casino. Did you know that if a Black man is a guest at your Vegas resort, he can be jailed for trespass?

Part of my mission for Vegas trip was to decide on a vehicle upgrade for our charity’s 2020 plans to travel the US for outreach projects. Should I stay with the Infiniti QX60 or try out a Tesla for a change? Back to the trip. My first Vegas experience was learning that someone had hacked and sold the Lady Gaga tickets I had purchased a year ago for Thursday night’s “Enigma” show. Before reaching city limits, I was also enriched with a 110 mph Speeding Ticket courtesy of the Las Vegas Highway Patrol.

Things got better the next day, when Jennie from the Park Theatre Box Office upgraded me to the front of stage SRO area. So I got to sing eye-to-eye with Lady Gaga on Saturday night. Then the MGM Box Office gave me a second row aisle seat to the Michael Jackson “One” show on Sunday. The dancers interacted with me so much that people approached afterwards to ask if I was part of the show. Great times.

Earlier on Sunday, I was loaned a Model X by Las Vegas Tesla for the whole day. The car was an amazing feat of auto engineering and drove like a dream. They knew that I was an outgoing guy who would show it off to folks. Also, I was doing charity for the BBQ RESCUES! Foundation, so I even offered people free rides (within a mile). No one took me up on the offer, not even the homeless. Circus Circus security thought I was somehow soliciting something and asked me to stop talking to my new friends at the resort. Why?

Then it happened. I was maybe a little drowsy from the exciting night with Michael Jackson. While trying to check out of my room at Circus Circus on Monday, this creepy security guard named Clarke started following me around. I politely told him I was just packing my car, and asked to please give me space. He roared “NO! I’m calling the Manager!”. Seemingly seconds later a posse shows up with hotel staff and the Las Vegas Police Department (LVPD). So now I am a drunk and disorderly Black man whose Photo ID has been mysteriously ditched by the Circus Circus Security Guard And/Or Staff. Please contact me if anything similar has happened to you in Las Vegas. [Email address is below].

Reality Check. Has anyone stayed at Circus Circus recently? Maybe it was just me, but I couldn’t ask staff for a water bottle without presenting my hotel key and a Photo ID. So the hotel pretended like I didn’t have it, even though I was staying in one of their rooms? As if. Or did they want a chance to deliberately steal all of my cash, valuables and bust up a new iMac Desktop computer that is owned by Charity? Do Non-Black Circus Circus Clients who are allegedly drinking get a chance to have coffee, sleep it off or are they all hauled off to jail?

Circus Circus- I’m listening for your Answers?

What happened afterwards is something I’m not quite yet ready to re-live. Will do so soon. I promise. Also, will update you on the car race. In the meantime I want you to please Live, Eat and Be Well.     

Are there any good-hearted Civil and/or Defense Attorneys in Las Vegas? My Court Date is 12/19/19.

Chef Mick Brown is the Executive Director of national 501c3 Charity, the BBQ RESCUES! Foundation and hosts “BBQ RESCUES! TV With Chef Mick Brown” on Youtube. Professionally, he has appeared on television, winning the first ever BBQ themed episode of Food Network’s “Cutthroat Kitchen”. He has also appeared on Spike TV, the Cooking Channel and on Bravo’s “Vanderpump Rules” Season Finale. He has been a Judge at the World Food Championships (sponsored by Walmart). He is also known for presenting a Healthy BBQ Seminar at the National Barbecue and Grilling Association’s International Conference. Email

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BBQ RESCUES Foundation and Chef Mick Brown featured in new NBBQA Article

-From the National Barbecue and Grilling Association (NBBQA)


Posted By: Stover Edward Harger III  NBBQA eNewsletter

It takes just two words to elicit laughter from some BBQ folks: vegan BBQ.

That’s the reaction Chef Mick Brown sometimes gets when he explains his passion for promoting vegan, vegetarian and healthier BBQ food. It is hard for some in the meat-centric trade of barbecue to conceptualize an outdoor cook without a single bite of steak or heaping pile of pulled pork. To many, BBQ means meat, but Mick wants to challenge that notion; he believes eating veggies can save your life.

“They basically laugh at the concept. That’s the attitude I get from some people,” the California chef said about vegan BBQ. “(But) I’m finding, surprisingly, people are really receptive to it when you discuss it with them seriously.”

Mick is passionate proponent of getting people to eat healthier, and explaining the benefits of a vegetable-focused BBQ diet is a mission that drove him to found the nonprofit BBQ Rescues! and its website/blog This past Christmas Eve, Mick helped serve fresh salads with L.A. Mission to homeless in the Skid Row area of Los Angeles.

As a diabetic whose weight has fluctuated, Mick finds motivation to help others from his own health struggles.

Mick is challenging BBQ restaurants and caterers to add a healthier — not fried — vegetable or vegan option to their menus by 2020 as part of his recent #BBQProject2020 campaign. Using the #BBQProject2020 hashtag on social media is meant to let others know the establishment has made a stride to make their menu healthier.

The chef was part of a presentation during the NBBQA’s 2018 I Am BBQ Conference called “Making BBQ Healthy and Authentic.” After he grilled up some vegan BBQ for attendees, the extras were served with lunch that day. The crowd devoured them.

“I’m finding the key is letting people taste it,” Mick said about persuading others to eat more veggies at BBQ. “If you make the vegetables as hearty and good-tasting as the meat, people will want to eat them more.”


Though you might not personally know anybody serving “vegan BBQ,” there are a restaurants and food carts around the country doing just that. In Portland, Ore., home to a number of vegan-friendly restaurants, there’s Homegrown Smokers which is getting local acclaim for their “tempeh ribs” and smoked “soy curls.” There’s even a vegan BBQ place smack-dab in the center of a celebrated BBQ Mecca. BBQ Revolution in Austin, Texas, makes their “No Bull Brisket” from a “wheat roast” that includes peanut butter. 

You might have already heard of the meat-free “Impossible Burger” which has been getting lots of attention for tasting — as some people proclaim — just like meat. The patty is made of wheat and potato proteins.

But it’s not meat substitutes that Mick is pushing. He wants people to eat whole, not processed, foods. His personal favorite vegetables to grill are bell peppers and onions. With some fire, smoke and robust seasoning, Mick said a vegetable starts to taste closer to what most people imagine as “BBQ.”

“We don’t need tons of meat to enjoy BBQ, we can have meats and veggies,” he said, adding that it’s less the meat that’s the problem with health, but more in the carbohydrate- and fat-heavy traditional BBQ sides. “If all you do is grill meats and veggies, you’ll be fine.”


As word has spread of his healthy, but still flavorful, vegan barbecue and cuisine, Mick got invites to cook for all sorts of celebrities, including catering a “Vegan BBQ Thanksgiving” for musician Redfoo, best known for his mega-hit “Party Rock Anthem” with his group LMFAO.

For that meal he served a smoked sweet potato/carrot mash with fresh mint and a mix of smoked greens.

Mick was also crowned Grill Master Champion on an episode of the Food Network show “Cutthroat Kitchen,” hosted by Alton Brown, a culinary idol of his.

Alton Brown, a master of cooking meat and all sorts of foods, penned an article for Wired magazine on “the end of meat as we know it.” In that 2013 story, Brown explains that the future will likely be much less meat-centric, due to overpopulation and evolving food culture. There’s all sorts of science food being cooked up to mimic the tastes, smells and physical sensations of actual meat, he reported.

“Meat is largely water. But when we taste it, we’re mostly sensing fat and protein. Proteins are simply long chains of amino acids,” he said in the article. “Plants build aminos as well, but carnivores love meat so much because its proteins — unlike plants — are relatively easy to access and digest (once you catch the animal). What’s more, meat gives us all the “essential” amino acids our bodies can’t produce, a trick that almost no plant can pull off, which is why vegetarians must carefully combine foods — like nuts and grains — to stay well nourished.

“Replicating the flavor of animal flesh is just a matter of gathering certain amino acids, especially the yummiest acid of all, glutamic acid, the key component of monosodium glutamate, or MSG.”

Even with the option to mimic meat using plant protein, Alton Brown concludes, he’s not ready to shutter the butcher shops.

“Plenty of people live just fine on veggies and grains. We could just lay off the real meat, right? Not bloody likely,” he wrote.




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Kosher Grilling Ideas & Local Eateries (Los Angeles)

byChef Mick Brown

Courtesy of

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Some people may just call it Smoked Whitefish and Lox or Salmon. Here at BBQ RESCUES, we consider it Kosher BBQ.

Where can you find the Kosher BBQ in Los Angeles? If anyone has any favorites, feel to add them to our Comments below. On June 10, 2018, I was honored to be invited to the 26th Annual Breakfast Meeting at Congregation Bais Naftoli in Los Angeles. Along with Congregation President, the event was attended by high ranking city, county and federal officials. Check below for an online printable version of the Kosher Recipe handouts prepared by the BBQ RESCUES! Foundation. Feel free to reprint and share alike.

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Was a true pleasure to meet Andrew Friedman, President of Congregation Bais Naftoli in Los Angeles.

For the Breakfast, they served delicious Scrambled Eggs, Lox Salmon, Smoked Whitefish, Banana Blintzes, as well as was an abundances of Salad, Bagels, Cream Cheese and Fresh Fruits (& Veggies). My favorite was chomping on the Blueberries that were refreshing and in season, among other dishes.

After the Breakfast, I attended to a meeting at the West Los Angeles Farmer’s Market. Upon leaving, I couldn’t resist the unmistakable aroma of smoking BBQ.  Venturing a bit further down Santa Monica Bl., was surprised to stumble upon my first ever Kosher Street BBQ at Santa Monica Kosher Market. A Coincidence? After having just prepared flyers on the subject? Who knows… Will say I was impressed to not have to request Fresh Veggies from the Grill. They already had me covered.

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KosherBBQ- Mesquite Grilled Chicken, Grilled Veggies from Santa Monica Kosher Market “BBQ Sundays”.


TIPS: How to incorporate BBQ and more Nutrition for your Home Kosher Dishes:

Matzo ball Soup– Try wood smoking Chicken for the Broth. Grill the Carrots, Celery and even the Matzo Balls before adding with Herbs to broth.
Kosher Vegan Soup Broth and Gluten Free Matzo Balls are available online and at selected Kosher Grocery Stores.
Smoked Salmon– Home Smoked Salmon contains up to 80% less sodium than most store bought cured salmon.
Smoked Brisket– Rather than the oven, try cooking your Brisket on the Grill to add nice smoky flavor.
Pastrami- Yes pastrami! Try grilling or smoking it at home to cut down on the heavily salty and sugared brines used in store brands and certain Deli’s.
Smoked Whitefish- Is much easier to smoke at home than you may think.


Copy and Downloadable version of BBQ RESCUES! Foundation’s Tips for Kosher BBQ.


Congregation Bais Naftoli– 221 S. La Brea Ave., LA 90036

RESOURCES: Some Kosher BBQ in Los Angeles:*

Santa Monica Kosher Market- Chicken, Kabobs, Grilled Veggies every Sunday. 11540 W. Santa Monica Bl., West LA

Ta-eem Grill— Kabobs, Grilled Chicken, Beef, Rib Eye Steak. 7422 Melrose Ave. LA.
Haifa Restaurant- Grilled Schnitzel, Chicken, Beef, Lamb, Trout. 8717 W. Pico Blvd. LA
Harrisa/Got Kosher?– Grilled Chicken, Tofu, Pulled Brisket, Sausage, Steak, Lamb and Sunday BBQ Menu. 8914 W. Pico Bl., West LA
Osher Restaurant- Fun new Kosher place with BBQ Burgers and Jewish Soul Food. 8657 W Pico Blvd. LA

*List is non-sponsored, always confirm Kitchens are Kosher