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The Non­Profit BBQ RESCUES! Foundation, Inc. Community Outreach and Public Information about Healthier Grilling, Recipes, Fitness and Support of other Public Organizations that promote Public Health and Welfare. We release Recipes to promote Conscious and Mindful eating in both underserved Urban and Rural Communities. We offer Free Online Information via Social Media platforms.Our goal of outreach to parts of BBQ Community that are most affected by Diabetes, Childhood (and Adult) Obesity, High Blood Pressure and other preventable diseases.

The organization supports the ongoing Public Media endeavors of BBQ RESCUES!: a free website, online Radio Show, iTunes Podcasts and Youtube Channel that promotes Healthier Grilling, Fitness, Environmental Issues and other important Charitable Causes. We also partner with other Socially Conscious Businesses or Organizations to produce affordable Recipe Cookbooks, Pamphlets and/or other helpful and affordable Supplements.

We tour Communities across the Country to present Lectures and Workshops on Healthy Grilling!

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