Why I Joined the “#BlueGloveGroup” and Took My Act to Vegas by Chef Mick Brown

Blue Man Group
Experiencing the “Blue Man Group” show in Vegas is on my Top 5 List of “Things You Can’t Unsee”. (In a good way)

While I would love to turn it into a show or a musical, the “Blue Glove Group” may not be appearing in Las Vegas anytime soon. At least not on stage… I dedicated a recent trip to Sin City to promoting a new brand of biodegradable disposable gloves to local restaurants on and off the strip. Despite the current strike from an important sector of the local Culinary Workers Union, people seem to warm up to the idea. The gloves, made by green industry upstart company EcoGloves, are color coded for added convenience.

#BlueGloveGroup QR Code or use CHEFMICK Promo Code for 25% Off
#BlueGloveGroup QR Code or use CHEFMICK Promo Code for 25% Off

The Clear Gloves are available in eyebrow-raising singles packets, that may require some explanation if found in a pocket by your spouse. They also come in boxes of 100 and are perfectly safe to add to your natural compost for home kitchens. The Pink and Blue gloves are streamlined for commercial use in kitchens, salons, medical offices and anywhere disposable gloves are in use . While more protective for hands, and discarded with regular trash, they biodegrade from landfills within 3 years (unlike their white latex counterparts).

Chef Mick in Las Vegas
While in Vegas to promote Blue Gloves, this guy offered Chef Mick a Beer.

I know- no one person or business is responsible for the billions of disposable gloves that end up in landfills each year. However, we can all play a small part in the solution. Just to be sure, though biodegradable, the Blue Nitrile Gloves are 3x more puncture protective and more resistant than natural rubber to chemicals, oils and acids. Yet the subscription price is not only competitive, but more inexpensive than many food and medical grade disposable gloves.

#ChefMick #BlueGloveGroup #BurbankBoysandGirlsClub
Even the lucky Blue Gloves couldn’t help Chef Mick at Blackjack at Burbank Boys and Girls Club Casino Night 2023.

So with these benefits in mind, I took a little info gathering/sharing tour of a few local restaurants in Las Vegas. Of course, I also took the opportunity to try some the off-the-Strip cuisine. The first visit was to a place known for their Chicken and Waffles, which also benefit from their generous choice of condiments and sauces like the Sautéed Onion Gravy.

Fried Chicken Breakfast Las Vegas
Chef Mick had to try this this Fried Chicken Breakfast while in Las Vegas for the #BlueGloveGroup.

The next place had to have some of the best fresh baked Homestyle Biscuits I have ever tasted, and they are known for their famously spiritual and inspirational Gift Shops.

This last one is especially notable because the staff was already seen wearing blue disposable gloves. Could it be? Nah. They were as receptive to helping the environment as they were to throwing down some of the best Bacon Cheeseburgers to locals. Their version of Philly Cheesesteak was pretty authentic, but also benefits from a little hot sauce or steak sauce.

This Vegas Off Strip Philly CheeseSteak was made with Blue Gloves!
This Vegas Off Strip Philly CheeseSteak was made with Blue Gloves!

BlueGloveGroup Restaurants Las Vegas
Promising to see Blue Gloves at work in Las Vegas. Soon to be part of #BlueGloveGroup?

For more information of product pricing, detailed descriptions, certifications, etc… visit Ecogloves on Amazon using promo code CHEFMICK for a 25% Discount. Or use this link:


It might be helpful to add that along with helping BBQRESCUES!, the Eco Gloves company also plants a tree for each new order with the help of #Greenspark and #EdenReforestationProjects. They are also partnered with #PlasticBank that help rescue general plastic waste from countries and areas hardest hit by this pollution crises.

Happy Shopping! …Especially for that Environmentalist “Who Has Everything” on your Holiday Gift List.


Greenspark- https://www.getgreenspark.com/

Eden Reforestation Projects- https://www.edenprojects.org/

Plastic Bank- https://plasticbank.com/

BBQRESCUES! 25% OFF Discount on Eco Gloves- https://ecogloves.co/discount/CHEFMICK?ref=chefmick

#BBQRobot #RickytheRobot

Return of BBQRESCUES! 2023- Welcome Back!

We are so excited to be back with new features, recipes and more.

Introducing new sponsors, including http://www.RentaRobotnow.com. A young company hoping to contribute the latest technologies to help those in need. Their offerings include custom programmable robotic helpers for Homes, Healthcare Facilities and Company sponsors. This Fall, they are partnering with the BBQRESCUES! Foundation to provide live Entertainment for Parties, Film/Video Productions and Special Events. Maybe we’ll see you at Coachella in 2024! Project is still in development, so contact us to check current Availability and for more Updates. Email BBQRESCUES! or phone us at (760) 895-7788.

Press Release

BBQ, Robots and Home Parties- Oh My!

BBQRESCUES! RentARobot project offers unique Party Solutions for Holidays. Burbank Boys and Girls Club 10/20 Casino Night Preview + Guacamole Sauce with Microgreens
Ricky the Robot volunteers at BBQRESCUES! Parties
Ricky the Robot volunteers at BBQRESCUES! Parties

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. – Oct. 19, 2023 – PRLog — You may have seen them on TV or perhaps in person at upscale restaurants. Keenon and Bear brand robots are slowly becoming part of the worldwide culinary scene. They provide uniquely fun experiences to everyone who encounters them. Through a new program sponsored by Caddy Robotics, you can now bring this phenom to your next home gathering.

Originally designed for potential replacement of labor shortages, enlightened establishments are using these cute robots to assist waitstaffs with delivering hot food to your tables and to assist in bussing restaurants. Now you can have them help serve guests at your home or company event for as little as $500 an hour or $2500/wk*. Yes- cheaper than hiring more labor, but they still require a human touch to be effective. They also cannot replace competent Cooks in the kitchen.

Aside from Food Service, Caddy Robotics also supplies these mechanical pals for corporate offices and most importantly, to assist the Staff at Healthcare facilities and for private homes that can budget this modest expense. They are easy to use and can be customized to perform simple repeated tasks to allow workers to be more effective and productive. Without busting the bank, varieties of Caddy Robotics can also be purchased starting at only 14.5k.

Just in time for Halloween 2023, BBQRESCUES! will preview the new project at the Burbank Boys and Girls Club “Casino Night” fundraiser on Friday, October 20th. Chef Mick will be doing a variation of his famous Smoky Garden Guacamole Recipe. Instead of a Dip, it will be served as a Raw Vegan All-Natural Avocado Guacamole Sauce with Microgreens. The simple recipe is as follows:

Avocado Guacamole Sauce with Microgreens

2- Avocados (Peeled, Pitted in Chunks)

1 Cup Fresh Microgreens

1/2 Cup Fresh Cilantro

2 Tbsp Ground Cumin

2 Tbsp Verdant (Italian Herb Spice Blend)

2 Tbsp Virgin Olive Oil

1 Tsp SuperPowder (Freeze Dried Microgreens)

Finish with Squeeze of fresh Lime Juice plus Salt and Pepper to taste

Optional Fresh Chopped Onions, Tomatoes and slices of Lime for Garnish

Served with Smoked BBQ Rippled Potato Chips and/or Green Verdant Seasoned Tortilla Chips

Simple Preparation: Gradually add all ingredients to a Food Processor until blended into a smooth sauce. Carefully funnel liquid into Squeeze Bottle with 1/2 inch nozzle to decorate Chips and serving platter as you like. Enjoy!

*Example quote to selected CA locations including LA Metro, San Francisco/Bay Area and Coachella Valley/Palm Springs. Other areas will require separated quote per event detail. Worldwide availability requires additional fees.

RentaRobot Project https://rentarobotnow.com/
Caddy Robotics Catalog https://www.caddyrobotics.com/caddybotCatalog.pdf
BBQRESCUES! website https://bbqrescues.com/


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Spotlight on BBQ RESCUES! Foundation- Part III- Closing out 2017 from Arizona to Skid Row

#BBQRESCUESFoundation #Redfoo #LMFAO #ChefMickBrown #VeganBBQ
Chef Mick Brown of the BBQ RESCUES Foundation seen with pop sensation Redfoo of group LMFAO (“Party Rock Anthem”) fame. The Foundation was challenged to create a Vegan BBQ Menu for the star and his family’s Thanksgiving Dinner. Pictured Dish- Smoked Sweet Potato/Rainbow Carrot Mash with Mint and Smoked Coconut Flakes.

To end out 2017, the BBQ RESCUES! Foundation was active with Social Media outreach to promote Fitness and Healthier Grilling, as well as participate other important Community Projects. We traveled from Arizona, to Palm Springs and spent Christmas Eve handing out hundreds of Holiday Salads to the Homeless on Skid Row in Los Angeles. Here are some Highlights of our Activities. Check back soon for Updates.

September 2017

#BBQRESCUESFoundation #FraternalOrderofEagles #AgapeHouseofPrescott #PrescottArizona #BBQFundraiser
Promotional sign for Fraternal Order of Eagles BBQ fundraiser to benefit the Agape House of Prescott in Prescott, AZ.

Chef Mick Brown made appearance at Fundraiser in Prescott, Arizona to promote Healthy Grilling and support the Fraternal Order of Eagles’ efforts to help Agape House of Prescott in their mission to serve the Homeless.



#ElksTheatre #ChefMickBrown #PrescottArizona
Chef Mick Brown of the BBQ RESCUES! Foundation, meets with Volunteers to tour the Historic Elks Theatre in Prescott, Arizona.

Met with Staff at historic Elks Theatre and Performing Arts Center. Agreed to work on bringing “Broadway to Prescott” benefit to support local youth charities, and serve Healthy Gourmet BBQ to Supporters.


#FarmatSouthMountain #Phoenix
Creative Warning Sign at the Farm at South Mountain in Phoenix, where they specialize in fresh Farm-to-Table Cuisine, including BBQ!

#FarmatSouthMountain #Phoenix #ChefMickBrown
Chef Mick Brown at the Farm at South Mountain in Phoenix. Hoping to hitchhike ride in old Pick-up.

Met with staff at The Farm at South Mountain in Phoenix, Az. Along with tasting some amazing food from their Grill, we agreed to come back sometime for a workshop to teach Phoenix how to smoke the nuts from their Pecan Trees.


#ChefMickBrown #BBQ #HardrockPalmSprings
Caught last year of Hard Rock Hotel Palm Springs. Chef Mick Brown with poolside Grill Master.

Talked with Executive Chefs at Hard Rock Hotel in Palm Springs about doing a poolside “Bikini BBQ” fundraiser. Unfortunately, the resort closed before we could make it happen.


October 2017

Did healthy Spooky Grilled Shrimp Video sponsored by Luvafoodie.com. Has over 55,000 views to date.


#ChefMickBrown #AmericanCancerSociety #WeCanSurvive
Chef Mick Brown at We Can Survive 2017 concert to benefit the American Cancer Society.

Attended We Can Survive concert to benefit the Breast Cancer Awareness. Enjoyed Demi Lovato, Nick Jonas, Sam Smith, The Weekend and surprise act Rihanna.


#ChefMickBrown #NaheedenceStudios #CutThroatKitchen #Winner #BBQ #GrillMaster #Champion
Chef Mick Brown in “BBQ and Politics Don’t Mix” by Naheedence Studios.

Released iconic “BBQ and Politics Don’t Mix” Photos courtesy of Naheedence Photography.


November 2017

#ChefMickBrown #SaharAndrade #ReinventYourself
Chef Mick Brown with Ted Talk Speaker and Reinvent Yourself motivational coach Sahar Andrade.

Attended first “Dream and Brainstorm Together” workshop with expert motivational coach (and Ted Talk Speaker) Sahar Andrade in Burbank, CA.


#ChefMickBrown #MarkCasanova #StephanyCampos #HomelessHealthcareLA #Thanksgiving #2017
Chef Mick Brown with Mark Casanova and Stephany Campos of Homeless Healthcare LA. Thanksgiving 2017.

Foundation donated services to prepare Thanksgiving Turkeys, Stuffing and Vegan Glazed Yellow Squash & Veggies for Homeless Healthcare LA Holiday Party for Staff.


#Vegan #Thanksgiving #2017 #ChefMickBrown #BBQRESCUES #Foundation #Redfoo #Smoky #RainbowCarrot #SweetPotato #Grilled #MixedGreens #Kale
Vegan Thanksgiving 2017 dishes prepared by Chef Mick Brown of the BBQ RESCUES Foundation for pop star Redfoo and Family. Smoky Rainbow Carrot & Sweet Potato Mash with Mint, Coconut and Grilled Veggie Mixed Greens with Kale.

Foundation answered challenge to demo Vegan Thanksgiving dishes for pop star Redfoo . and Family.



December 2017

#ChefMickBrown #HawaiianDancers #2017 #IslandBeerandFoodFest #San Diego
Chef Mick Brown with Hawaiian Dancers at 2017 Island Beer and Food Fest in San Diego, CA.


Promoted Foundation and Healthier BBQ at 2017 Island Beer and Food Fest in San Diego, CA.


#SimonsCafeandCatering #SanDiego
Simon’s Cafe & Catering, San Diego

Discovered Simon’s Cafe and Catering in San Diego. One of the highlights of national food tour. They do Charity and Grill Veggies!

Released the first nutritious White Asparagus Mac N Cheese video on Youtube.

#Volunteers #LosAngelesMission #Holiday #Luncheon #2017.
Volunteers at Los Angeles Mission’s Holiday Luncheon 2017.

Promoted LA Mission’s annual Holiday Luncheon. Hope to be invited to participate more next year.


#BBQRESCUESFoundation #LosAngeles #Volunteers #ChristmasEve #Homeless #SkidRow #Downtown #LA #JackeyHall #AaronCollins #RachelMilstein #December #2017
BBQ RESCUES! Foundation’s Los Angeles Volunteers preparing Christmas Eve Grilled Salads for the Homeless on Skid Row, Downtown LA December 2017. Pictured: Actress Jackey Hall, Aaron Collins, Rachel Milstein.

#BBQRESCUES #Foundation #GrilledVeggie #Salad #SmokedHam.
BBQ RESCUES! Foundation’s Grilled Veggie Salad with Smoked Ham.

#BBQRESCUES #Foundation's #GrilledVeggie #Salad #SmokedHam #SkidRow #ChristmasEve #2017
BBQ RESCUES! Foundation’s Grilled Veggie Salad with Smoked Ham. Handed out hundreds to people on Skid Row on Christmas Eve 2017.

#ChefMickBrown #BBQRESCUESFoundation #LaniDapolani #Volunteers #HBNH #HomelessButNotHelpless #Ministries #Salads #ChristmasEve #2017 #LosAngeles
Chef Mick Brown of BBQ RESCUES Foundation with Lani Dapolani and Volunteers of HBNH (Homeless But Not Helpless) Ministries passing out Salads Christmas Eve 2017, Downtown Los Angeles.

Foundation donated nearly 300 Salads to Homeless people on Skid Row, Christmas Eve 2017. Others necessities also passed out by Lani Dapolani, founder of HBNH (Homeless But Not Helpless) Ministries and the LA Mission.


Stay Tuned For Exciting 2018 Updates!