Thanks for your interest in the new BBQ RESCUES! Foundation. Make history by joining our efforts to encourage people to take better care of themselves. Whether you are active in the Grilling and Barbecue Community, or like to reheat store-bought prepared Ribs in your apartment oven. We will try our best to find Enjoyable and Delicious ways to reach our Fitness Goals together.

Every little change in habits can make a big difference, whether it is adding more Natural Fruits and Vegetables to your BBQ Menu, Walking or Jogging that extra Half-Mile, or working out for 20 Minutes (at least) twice a Week. We also plan to share with you the latest Information and Tips on Healthier Grilling, Fitness and Mindful Eating. Most of all, let’s all try to have FUN!

This Spring we plan to kick off the #GetFitChallenge with a tour of  Texas. Starting in Houston, where we will do a BBQ Bootcamp and Cookout to benefit Children’s Charities. Then we will be hitting San Antonio to attempt a BBQ RESCUES! Menu Makeover at a local Restaurant. Finally, we will be attending the National Barbecue and Grilling Association (NBBQA) Conference in Fort Worth, to cover the exciting events, as well as share some of the Educational Information from the Seminars.

Check back with this page to see what we are doing next. We promise some big National News to be announced April and May, so stay tuned… Until next time, Eat and Be Well.


How To: Donations, Supporting and Sponsoring the BBQ RESCUES! Foundation- Donations, Supporting and Sponsoring BBQ RESCUES! Foundation

The #GetFitChallenge- https://bbqrescues.com/bbq-rescues-new-getfitchallenge/

#GYMM Fundraiser in Houston Press Release- https://www.prlog.org/12628660-chef-mick-brown-to-host-gymm-bbq-fundraiser-to-benefit-houston-teens.html

Info on Dealing with Childhood Obesity-https://www.helpguide.org/articles/diet-weight-loss/weight-problems-and-obesity-in-children.htm

From the Wall Street Journal- Stop Freaking Out About Body Fat!  https://bbqrescues.com/2017/02/23/from-the-wall-street-journal-21717/

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