#GYMM=GIFT Your McFastFood Money

[HOUSTON]- Some of the smartest Teens in Texas will be donating a portion of their Fast Food money to Charity, in order to chow down on some Gourmet BBQ.  This coming Sunday March 26, the Houston, TX. Chapters of Our Children Our Future (OCOF) and Great Inspirations For Teens (GIFT) will present “#GYMM- GIFT Your McFastFood Money. The … Continue reading #GYMM=GIFT Your McFastFood Money

How to Host a BBQ Food Fundraiser

by Chef Mick Brown Courtesy of http://www.BBQRescues.com Did you know that a small portion of the cash that you spend every week on Fast Food could make a big difference in your Community? The Netherlands just had an 81% Voter Turn Out! That's a huge number for any group of people to participate in anything. … Continue reading How to Host a BBQ Food Fundraiser