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A BBQ Salute to National Night Out 2016

By Chef Mick Brown

Courtesy of http://www.bbqrescues.com

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Thanks for the Memories… Slow Smoked Rosemary Chicken Breasts served at the Santa Monica Police Dept. 120th Anniversary BBQ. Prepared by Chef Mick Brown of Tastee BQ Grilling Co., Los Angeles.

A little over a year ago a friend contacted me about this event I had never heard of. Called National Night Out, she wanted to know if I could contribute some food. What’s it all about? Since 1984, the National Association of Town Watch (NATW) has sponsored gatherings in over 16, 000 neighborhoods around the country. Along with community outreach with info about crime prevention, safety tips and helpful community programs, the gatherings usually include some sort of Cookout. In most cases, that means BBQ! With over 38 Million Members, the NATW also sponsors a national Dog Walkers Watch program to train the to make our neigh’s even safer.

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Santa Monica Police Dept. 120th Anniversary Party. May 14, 2016.

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Partying in Santa Monica? Special Demo Car give you choice to go home in backseat of a Taxi of a Santa Monica Police Dept. vehicle.

They also include a Memorial for Police Officers who were lost in the line of duty and donations to local Charities. More than ever, it is an important time to Communities to come together with the dedicated members of Law Enforcement who provide invaluable service for all of us every day. Based on recent events, a couple of Bad Eggs may have to be cracked (on both sides of the law). However, the vast majority of U.S. Citizens and Officers alike are out to do the right thing. We are all much stronger together, than to leave the streets in the hands of Outlaws. [With that said, I can put aside the Soapbox and we can get to the Food].

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Chef Mick Brown helping serve lunch at the Santa Monica Police Dept. 120th Birthday BBQ.

Last year I participated in the festival at The Greek Theatre in Griffith Park (Los Angeles). In between doling out slices of Smoked BBQ Pizzas from Cheech’s and samples of HEROIC! Rub, I also took the opportunity to launch my new project called BBQ RESCUES! At the time, I had been recently crowned Grill Master Champion on Food Network show Cutthroat Kitchen. It was fun to do interviews with several Police Reps, Community Volunteers and discovering this great A Cappella band called Jondo.

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Chef Mick Brown visits Pink’s Hot Dogs stand at the National Night Out 2015 at the Greek Theatre.

This past May, I was honored to cater the 120th Anniversary Cookout for about 500 Officers and Staff of the Santa Monica Police Department. The event went great for the Tastee BQ Grilling Company. We were pleased to use HEROIC! Rub to grill some of our best Hot Links, Burgers and Smoked Chicken ever. Special Thanks to Kingsford Charcoal and Pit Barrel Cookers for contributing extra supplies for the event. Dunkin Donuts were also supplied the Police event with most of the most impressive Donut Stands we have ever seen. Also Thanks to the SMPD for providing photos and Ciao Bella for extra staffing help.

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Thanks to Ciao Bella Staffing for providing Tastee BQ Grilling with some extra help at the Santa Monica Police 120th Anniversary BBQ.

I plan to release a Kingsford sponsored video for the Perfect Burger sometime before now and Labor Day. In the meantime, you can get mood for this years event by listening to last years podcast “National Night Out at the Greek (Parts 1 & 2)” with slideshows on the BBQ RESCUES! Blog Talk Radio website or download them on iTunes. There are also links to find the National Night Out event in your area. Finally, I couldn’t resist adding a couple of my favorite Youtube Videos of Policemen around the country dancing at recent BBQs. Enjoy. Until next time, Eat and Be Well.


Mick Brown is a Food Blogger/Purveyor based in Los Angeles, with over 30 years BBQ and Grilling experience. Aside from Caterer and Private Grilling Instructor, his passions are creating Easy Grilling Recipes and searching for the World’s Best Flavors. General Manager of Tastee BQ Grilling Co. and the new California Gold BBQ Rubs. In May of 2015, he won Grill Master Champion on Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchen on special BBQ episode “Grill or Be Grilled” (Season 8, Episode 3). He also recently appeared on Bravo TV, catering for the Cast of Vanderpump Rules (Season Finale). He is also author of web blogs  The Adventures of Tastee BQ and  BBQ Catering Confidential. His newest project BBQ RESCUES!, includes a Blog Talk Radio Show, Youtube TV Channel and Podcasts on iTunes. Email- Mick@TasteeBQ.com

National Association of Town Watch  https://natw.org/about
National Association of Town Watch Dog Walkers Program https://natw.org/dog

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BBQ RESCUES! Update September 2015 via Linked In

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Chef Mick Brown meets Food Network’s Chef Jet Tila, a popular Judge on Cutthroat Kitchen, at the Western Foodservice & Hospitality Expo in Los Angeles.


Since winning for Grill Master on Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchen, I had been invited to do a last minute 4th of July BBQ Catering at the legendary (former) Beatles Mansion in Hollywood Hills. I have made appearances at several local events including the Western Foodservice & Hospitality Expo at the L.A. Convention Center and 2015 National Night Out at The Greek Theatre. Last week, I was filmed catering an elegant BBQ Buffet for a very popular Reality TV Show. More details coming once I receive the Fall air date. Stay tuned.

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BBQ RESCUES! with Chef Mick Brown Podcast 3- National Night Out at The Greek Part II

LAPD Hate Crimes Unit Badge

Part 2 of 2. Enjoy the smooth sounds of acapella group JONDO as Chef Mick Brown interviews participants at National Night Out at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, CA. Los Angeles Police Protective League and the Eagle & Badge Foundation sponsored the 2015 National Night Out community event at the Greek Theatre Plaza. The End of Watch Memorial Wall was on display from 6pm-9pm. In Part 2 of 2 Podcasts, Guests include representatives from the LAPD Share (Anti-Bullying) Project, East Hollywood Neighborhood Council  and members of the acapella music group (and former America’s Got Talent Contestants) JONDO. Chef Mick also talks BBQ and hands out Smoked Cheech’s Pizza.