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Celebrating American Cancer Society HEROES at Relay For Life

by Chef Mick Brown

Courtesy of www.BBQRESSCUES.com

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Chef Mick Brown at Relay For Life benefit for American Cancer Society- Bridge To Life table, Griffith Park (Los Angeles) May 2016.


“Make your mistakes, take your chances, look silly, but keep on going. Don’t freeze up.”
Thomas Wolfe, You Can’t Go Home Again

It’s that time of year once again. Ever heard the phrase “You Can’t Go Home Again”? It may be true in some instances. However, you’d never hear it from anyone who has ever attended a Relay For Life benefit for the American Cancer Society. Volunteers in more than 5,200 communities and 27 countries give of their time and effort because they believe it’s time to take action against cancer. If you can’t join me in Griffith Park on this Saturday May 20th, at 10:00am, check this link to find a gathering in your area. https://secure.acsevents.org

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May 16, 2015 with On Air Personality Paul Freeman of Go Country 105 FM at American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life at the Autry Museum, Griffith Park.

Whether you have been before or not, the people at Relay For Life always make you feel right at home. For the fourth year, I will be doing Cooking Demonstrations and Samples from 9am-11am. This year’s sales of HEROIC! will benefit the ACS and the new BBQ RESCUES! Foundation. That’s why I always look forward to going “Home Again”. See you there.

#ChefMickBrown #AmericanCancerSociety #RelayForLife #GeneAutryMuseum #GriffithPark June #2013.
Chef Mick Brown at American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life at the Gene Autry Museum, Griffith Park June 2013.


Mick Brown is a Food Blogger/Purveyor based in Los Angeles, with over 30 years BBQ and Grilling experience. Aside from Caterer and Private Grilling Instructor, his passions are creating Easy Grilling Recipes and searching for the World’s Best Flavors. General Manager of Tastee BQ Grilling Co. and Superfood Spice company California Gold BBQ Rubs. In May of 2015, he won Grill Master Champion on Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchen on special BBQ episode “Grill or Be Grilled” (Season 8, Episode 3). He also recently appeared on Bravo TV, catering for the Cast of Vanderpump Rules (Season Finale). He is also author of web blogs  The Adventures of Tastee BQ and  BBQ Catering Confidential. His latest media project BBQ RESCUES!, includes a Blog Talk Radio Show, Youtube TV Channel and Podcasts on iTunes. The new Non-Profit BBQ RESCUES! Foundation is sponsoring the #GetFitChallenge, does outreach to the Barbecue Community to promote Smarter and Healthier Grilling in the fight against preventable diseases like Childhood Obesity, Diabetes as well as other important Causes. Email- Mick@BBQRESCUES.com


American Cancer Society Relay For Life https://secure.acsevents.org

Griffith Park Event Schedules event_schedule_updated_gph


Griffith Park Event Info http://relay.acsevents.org/site/TR/RelayForLife/RFLCY17CA?fr_id=78847&pg=entry&_ga=2.86777688.1131622654.1495131722-1653342692.1491958393

Donate to my Team- Bridge For Life  http://main.acsevents.org/site/TR/RelayForLife/RFLCY17CA?px=45143306&pg=personal&fr_id=78847


Donations, Supporting and Sponsoring BBQ RESCUES! Foundation

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Our very first Cash Donation to BBQ RESCUES! Foundation, Inc. comes from the Urban Press Winery in Burbank, CA. https://urbanpresswinery.com/

Thanks for taking time to find out how you can help. Individuals, Organizations and Business are all welcome to contribute to the BBQ RESCUES! Foundation, Inc. (BBQRF). Our Mission is to improve the lives of everyone who loves BBQ, whether they own a Grill or not. We produce Entertaining and Educational BBQ, Grilling, Fitness and other Socially Conscious content for Youtube, iTunes, Blog Talk Radio as well as all major Social Media outlets.


  1. Your Likes, Shares and Comments help promote BBQ RESCUES! Foundation and Media content on Youtube TV, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and other online platforms. Good Old Fashioned “Word of Mouth” is always welcome whenever you have a chance to tell others about BBQ RESCUES! Your Cost: $0.00
  2. Individual Donations of any amount are also accepted and can be arranged via Paypal, Mail or Online Credit Card processing.


  1. Online Sharing and Promotion of our “Info-tainment” goes much further in the format of fun Public Service spots, with you identified as the Sponsor.  For more Product-Forward Advertising , please refer to our Promotions Page
  2. We appreciate contributions of all kinds, from Cash Donations, Professional Services, to Products for Prizes and Giveaways. We can also create original Blogs and Videos to fit any Budget. Here is a Chart summarizing some of the ways Companies can participate:

BBQ RESCUES! Foundation, Inc. Chartjp

WISH LIST- If your Organization can help out even more, here is a list of specific projects that could use special Professional and Financial Support:

  1. #GetFitChallenge– Funds to support our Research and Social Media sharing of information to include Nutritional and Fitness Advice as well as ways to combat preventable diseases like Hypertension, Diabetes 2 and Childhood Obesity. Products can be submitted for General Review or Blog coverage on Shed It For Life by Larry B.
  2. Products/Premiums- For all occasions, Expos and Special Events. We can work together to find useful Gifts and Giveaways supporting the BBQ RESCUES Foundation, Inc. while also featuring your Company’s Logo.
  3. BBQ RESCUES! Foundation Cookbook- Most of the content has already been created. Need experienced Writers, Editors and Publisher to bring original Heathy BBQ and Grilling Recipes to the public. All Proceeds to benefit the BBQRF Foundation.
  4. BBQ RESCUES!- The Movie!!! Oh Yes, it’s coming- the only Question is: “When”? Looking for help in All Areas of Production to bring it to both Big and Small Screens as soon as possible.
  5. The #GYMM (Gift Your McFastFood Money) Training Program to help teach Non-Profits how to put on local Food Fundraisers across the Country to raise money while providing Healthy and Delicious BBQ to their Communities.

Any other Fundraising or Outreach Ideas are more than welcome. We like to keep our content fresh and fun to help BBQ Enthusiasts “Enjoy Every Bite, and not Gain Weight Left and Right.” [Yeah know, needs help…].  We look forward to hearing from you today. THANK YOU!

NOTE: The BBQ RESCUES! Foundation, Inc. is a registered Non-Profit in the State of California, where donations are tax deductible. Federal 501(c)3 Tax Exempt application is pending. The first pubic BBQ RESCUERS! List (of Supporters) is expected to be posted on June 10, 2017, and will be updated weekly.

BBQ RESCUES! Foundation Contact Form

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From The Wall Street Journal 2/17/17

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A Gratuitous Food Pic? Maybe not. Where and How would you like to eat in 2016? Rib Roasts are a fine source of Protein, just add plenty of Veggies on the side. A big Thanks to Chef Eric for preparing this great Holiday Roast.

Stop Freaking Out About Body Fat

Fat is a vital organ that our bodies work hard to protect—so instead of battling fat, we should focus on maintaining a healthy level of it

The holidays are long over, but many Americans still have something to remember them by: extra pounds of fat. Our collective effort to fight the bulge makes the first few months of the new year the peak sales period for the U.S. dieting industry. Americans spend a fortune each year trying to get rid of fat, but the flab often creeps back, despite our best efforts. It seems as if our fat has a mind of its own—which, it turns out, isn’t as far-fetched as it sounds.

We usually think of fat as unhealthy excess storage to be gotten rid of at all costs, but researchers have reached a different conclusion: Fat is actually a vital organ that releases essential hormones and sends crucial messages to our brains. And because fat is so important, our bodies work hard to protect it. Instead of simply battling fat, we need to focus on how to maintain a healthy level of it.

See Full Article at The Wall Street Journal

How to Get What You Want this New Year 2016

by Chef Mick Brown


Happy New Year! Once again it is time to reflect with Appreciation and Gratitude for all of the great things that have happened for us in 2015. Despite efforts by some to ruin our spirit, people around the world are resilient. We know how to take the good with the bad and find ways to move on, and even thrive. Now is also a great opportunity to consider what you want to happen for you in this next year 2016. Motivational Experts and Life Coaches say that creating a list of Goals is like writing a direct Road Map to where you will go in the future. So- go grab a pen and paper (or open an electronic Notepad) and start listing your Goals for 2016 right now. Write down everything, spontaneously. You can always edit and refine the list at a later time. Feel free to go back and forth to your list while reading this column, if it inspires any ideas.

#ribroast #bbqrescues
A Gratuitous Food Pic? Maybe not. Where and How would you like to eat in 2016? Rib Roasts are a fine source of Protein, just add plenty of Veggies on the side. A big Thanks to Chef Eric for preparing this great Holiday Roast.

This method may sound really simple, but it really works. Want proof? Look back at what I wrote in the 2015 New Years column for my blog BBQ Catering Confidential. Through it reads like a “BBQ State of The Union Address”, I set forth the goals for reaching more people with the New School BBQ message that Grilling can be healthy and more delicious at the same time. During the year, I made my first appearance on the Food Network.  Millions of people around the world got to see Judge Simon Majumdar berate me for using Grilled Broccolini to add a healthy spin to my Backyard BBQ Burger. He then went on to name me Winner for Grill Master Champion of Cutthroat Kitchen.

#ChefReggieSoutherland #ChefMickBrown #MickBrown #NextFoodNetworkStar
I have been a longtime fan of Silver Lake, CA. legend, Chef Reggie Southerland, ever since he appeared as a Finalist on Season 2 of Next Food Network Star. Finally got to meet him last year. We are looking forward to cooking together if we find the right event in 2016.

Another 2015 Goal was to introduce more Diabetic BBQ Recipes using my No Salt/Sugar Superfood spice blend HEROIC! (by California Gold BBQ Rubs). Though I’ve had less time this past year to tour stores and do demonstrations, the product has taken on a life of it’s own. Bloggers and Food Critics continue to spread the good word about it online. Positive consumer reviews have driven a steady increase in sales on Amazon.com, month after month. I barely keep up with shipping enough product to them. Hopefully the brand will find it’s way into the capable hands of an established Spice Manufacturer sometime soon (this year?). For me, it is important to keep the delicious, all-natural Seasoning alternative out there for Diabetics and those who choose to cook with less Salt and Sugar. Folks are now using HEROIC! Rub for BBQ, as well as a wide variety of other Home Recipes.

#BraziBites #CameronRocha #GlutenFreeFest2014
Congratulations to Cameron (pictured) and Junea Rocha of BraziBites, my favorite Brazilian Cheese Bread. After many years of hard work, they secured a nice deal during their appearance on Shark Tank in 2015. (Photo taken when I met them at Gluten Free Expo in Pasadena, CA. in 2014).

Still in it’s infancy, the most exciting development last year was the new project BBQ RESCUES! Who would have thought a year ago that I would have a Youtube TV Channel, a Blog Talk Radio Show and Podcasts on iTunes? Talk about reaching more people…(!) With limited production time and resources, the project’s earlier efforts had experienced many technical challenges and issues. However, the public response has been great and we been able to share some of your Recipes on the show. So far the project has helped a Shreveport, Louisiana Chef win a trip to the James Beard Foundation in New York. Also a group of ordinary BBQ Enthusiasts received advice for putting together their first BBQ Boot Camp in Indiana. I will continue to encourage people to create better BBQ throughout 2016. I also hope to find sponsors of products (other than mine), that help make your cooking healthier and tastier than ever.

#chefmickbrown #mickbrown #neelysbbq #marshalltexas
During BBQ RESCUES! TV Youtube interview with owners Francine Neely Barton and Randy Corley at historic Neely’s BBQ Restaurant in Marshall, TX. (July. 2015)

Finally, I would like to Thank everyone for your support and encouragement throughout the past year. Though rarely updated, my original short story blog  “The Adventures of Tastee BQ”, has suddenly started to attract thousands of monthly visitors from all over the world. Also, through catering with Tastee BQ Grilling Co., I have serviced everything from a company picnic in the park, to a 4th of July party at the former Beatles Mansion in Hollywood Hills. Another 2015 highlight was serving BBQ to the friends and volunteers who helped a young infant named Greyson in his battle with a rare medical condition called CCHS. It was also a pleasure talking BBQ and doing Grilling Lessons with people all over the country. I hope to travel much more in 2016.

#chefmickbrown #mickbrown #whatIwant2016
What’s in Box #1 and Box #2? You decide. If you were to receive anything you want in 2016, what would it be?

Now it’s your turn. Have you already began your list of Goals for 2016? Know that you have this whole year to refine and add more Goals as you go along. Also, continue to focus on your Goals and the necessary follow-up actions will come more naturally. Some people call them “New Years Resolutions”. However, I prefer to simply call them “Goals”, because it feels informal and less pressured. You can even go a step farther and post your Goals on your own Blog, Facebook or by Tweeting #WhatIWant2016 on Twitter. I will be looking, so let me know if I can help with anything. Whether you need a new Recipe, hard-to-find product/recommendation, or help improving your BBQ Techniques. That is what BBQ RESCUES! is all about. So let’s all move forward and make 2016 our Best Year Ever! Until next time- Eat and Be Well.


Chef Mick Brown is a Food Blogger/Purveyor based in Los Angeles, with over 30 years BBQ and Grilling experience. Aside from Catering, his passions are creating Easy Grilling Recipes and searching for the World’s Best Flavors. General Manager of Tastee BQ Grilling Co. and the new California Gold BBQ Rubs. He is also author of web serial blog “The Adventures of Tastee BQ.” He recently appeared on the Food Network for “Grill or Be Grilled” a special BBQ Edition of Cutthroat Kitchen where he won the Champion Title of Grill Master. Episode is available on iTunes. Email- Mick@BBQRESCUES.com 


Why You Should Be Writing Down Your Goals (Forbes Magazine)


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Cutthroat Kitchen “Grill or Be Grilled”- Season 8, Episode 3 (on Amazon.com)



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