A New View On Life

Courtesy of Becoming Me/Wordpress So I had quite the experience last night. For two reasons, one good and one bad. I will lead in with the good. For those of you that did not know, or who are not religious, this week is Holy Week. It is the week Christians remember what Jesus did for … Continue reading A New View On Life

To Shed It For Life- Keep Your Goals in the Forefront of Your Mind

By Larry Bertrand Courtesy of http://www.BBQRESCUES.com/ShedItForLife I am officially going into my second week of the BBQ RESCUES! "Get Fit Challenge". Now the crazy part is that I began my challenge right before the National BBQ and Grilling Association's (NBBQA) I Am BBQ 2017 Conference. Not only that, but also right before my 30th birthday celebration … Continue reading To Shed It For Life- Keep Your Goals in the Forefront of Your Mind

Breakdown by MuscleGirlFusion #GetFitChallenge

Oye oye oye oye SUNDAY was one of those days you look back on and wonder what was going on in your brain and then realize it had to be hormones. I had a super intense leg day on Saturday and then a super intense chest day on Sunday morning. Throughout my whole chest workout […] … Continue reading Breakdown by MuscleGirlFusion #GetFitChallenge

“Not-So” Fat Tuesday Grilled Gumbo

By Chef Mick Brown Courtesy of http://www.BBQRESCUES.com Sin. Repent. Repeat. Can you really make a #Grilled #GlutenFree version of #Classic #NewOrleans #Gumbo actually #Healthier and #Tastier than the Original? Even #Vegan/#Vegetarian with “Hot #Grilled #HolyTrinity” (#Celery, #BellPeppers & #Onions) and/or with #Smoked #Shrimp, #Chicken and #Sausage? YouBetcha! Add the sweet flavors of #Applewood and Hickory? Fuggedaboutit! … Continue reading “Not-So” Fat Tuesday Grilled Gumbo

From The Wall Street Journal 2/17/17

Stop Freaking Out About Body Fat Fat is a vital organ that our bodies work hard to protect—so instead of battling fat, we should focus on maintaining a healthy level of it By SYLVIA TARA Feb. 17, 2017 12:40 p.m. ET The holidays are long over, but many Americans still have something to remember them … Continue reading From The Wall Street Journal 2/17/17