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My Top Secret Recipe: Easy DIY Smoked Holiday Ham in 3 Simple Steps

Fresh Smoked Spiral Sliced Ham will be a hit at this year’s Holiday Dinner. Leftovers (if any) will make the best Ham Sandwiches, ever.

by Chef Mick Brown

Want to really Wow them at this year’s Holiday Dinner? This easy Recipe is my Gift to you. Smoking a raw, thawed Ham at home can take up to 6-8 Hours. Why not start with a Pre-Cooked Ham? Most cooked Hams found in grocery and specialty stores come labeled as “Smoked”, but do you really taste anything other than liquid smoke? The natural Wood Smoked flavor you love in BBQ Ribs and Chicken will also take your Ham to the next level. You can shave hours of cooking time by starting with a cooked, rather than raw Ham. No Grill? No problem- use an old Roaster Pan, Pot or Dutch Oven with a Rack (and Lid) to smoke your Ham indoors. Either way, the final results will taste much better than any Ham baked in the oven. Your dinner guests will praise your efforts. Try it, you’ll see…

#HEROIC!Rub #Smokedham #Seasoning
Before Smoking, season Ham with your favorite BBQ Rub or savory Seasoning Blend for at least an hour or overnight, to enhance the flavor. Nowadays, you can save the Brown Sugar for the Desserts.


1 or 2 Cooked Spiral Sliced or Baked Ham(s)

BBQ Rub or Make a Rub of Smoked Paprika mixed with Dry Garlic

Hickory Wood Chunks (for Charcoal Grills); or

Hickory Wood Chips (with Foil for Gas Grills or Stovetop)

Ham Glaze (Dry mix usually comes with Ham, or get a jar)

1/4-1/2 Cup BBQ Sauce (to taste)

Orange Juice and Fresh Orange Wedges for Garnish (optional)

Cloves (optional)

#SmokedHam #IndirectSmoking
Indirect Smoking- Charcoal Grill. Note soaked Wood Chunks go directly on Coals on side of Grill. Ham is on other side with Pan of water underneath. Foil bottoms keeps Ham from sticking and collects juices as it cooks (which you can then pour into Pan).

Here are the 3 Simple Steps:

1. Liberally season a Pre-Cooked Spiral (or Half) Ham on all sides with BBQ Rub. To infuse the most flavor, this should be done at least an hour before cooking or overnight. Of course, our favorite Rub is HEROIC! by California Gold BBQ Rubs, it is Gluten Free with no added Sugar or Salt. Feel free to use your regular go-to seasoning blend to enhance the flavor. Or make a Rub with 2 Tbsp. each Dry Smoked Paprika and Garlic (Add Brown Sugar if you must). Want to do Cloves? Go For it!

2. Heat Ham for 1- 2 Hours (or until thoroughly heated.)  Soak Wood Chunks or Chips for at least 15-30 minutes. [I prefer Hickory, but you may substitute Apple or Cherry Wood]. Cook Ham with Indirect Smoke using one of the following methods:

For Charcoal Grill– Cook Ham over a Pan of Water. Pile hot Coals on opposite side of Grill. Place 3-4 soaked Wood Chunks on Coals for Indirect Smoking. Close Grill as it fills with Smoke, replace Chunks as needed.

For Gas Grill– Turn burner on one side of the Grill on High. Place 1/2 Cup of Wood Chips in a Foil Pouch or Pan), on High over one side of Grill. Please Ham on tother unheated side of Grill to heat with Indirect Smoke. Replace Wood Chips as needed.

Stovetop Smoking– Heat Ham in Oven (as directed) until warm. Put 1/2 Cup of Dry Wood Chips in a Foil Pouch (or Pan), on bottom of large pot. Then place Ham on top of Rack indirectly over heat (to side). Cover Pot , then heat on High until Wood Chips start to Smoke. Once pot is filled with Smoke, turn off heat and leave Pot covered with Ham for 1/2 Hour, or until smoke dissipates.

3. Glaze, Reheat and Serve. Most Cooked Hams come with a packet of Dry Glaze. In small Sauce Pan, combine Glaze with 1/4 Cup of Water or Orange Juice. Stir until smooth, then mix in 1/4 to 1/2 Cup of your favorite BBQ Sauce. You can also purchase jars of prepared Ham Glaze near the Jelly/Jams section of the grocery store. Between the Glaze and added BBQ Sauce, there is enough sweetness to eliminate the need to add Brown Sugar. However, feel free to add some if you “Gotta Have It!”.

Remove Ham from Grill or Oven, thoroughly apply Glaze with brush to all sides, then return it to heat for about 20 Minutes, or until Glaze clings to Ham and is dry to touch.

BONUS Spiral Ham Serving/Slicing Tips- While holding Ham with 2-Pronged Fork, use a long sharp knife to cut along the side of the bone, for meat to fall off easily. You may also slice Ham into sections for trouble-free serving.

Garnish with a fresh drizzle Orange Juice. Decorate serving plate with Green Herbs (Parsley) and Sliced Orange sections. Enjoy!