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Spotlight on BBQ RESCUES! Foundation Part II + Dallas Cares Hurricane Harvey Benefit & Western Foodservice Expo



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BARBECUE RESCUES! Foundation’s new logo was generously donated by Freelance Designer Extraordinaire Diane Biochut of http://321message.com/


Updated May 2018

The BBQ RESCUES! Foundation is active with Video Production and Social Media outreach to promote Fitness and Healthier Grilling, as well as other important Community Projects. Here are some Highlights of our Activities, thus far. Check back soon for Updates.

August 2017- Western Food Service Conference- Los Angeles

Met with some of the Food Industry’s leading new and established Manufacturers and Distributers to introduce our goal of healthier eating. Pictured with Jonathan Burgess of Burgess Brother’s BBQ Sauces and Burgers https://www.burgessbrothers.com/

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BBQ RESCUES! Foundation’s Chef Mick Brown at 2017 Western Foodservice and Hospitality Expo with Jonathan Burgess of  Burgess Brothers BBQ sauces.

Western Food Service and Hospitality Expo is returning to Los Angeles August 27-29, 2018 at LA Convention Center. www.westernfoodexpo.com/


September 9, 2017- Dallas Cares Hurricane Harvey Relief Fundraiser, sponsored by BBQ RESCUES Foundation in conjunction with the United Way of Metropolitan Dallas  https://unitedwaydallas.org/ to raise funds and provide healthy COMFORTING BBQ to Harvey Evacuees.  https://bbqrescues.com/2017/09/01/dallas-cares-bbq-hurricane-harvey-benefit-planned-for-september-10th/

A HUGE Thanks to local Sponsors:

SOULMAN’S BAR-B-QUE, Various Texas Locations

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Great Brisket and Pulled Pork from Soulman’s Bar-B-Que really went over well with Hurricane Harvey Fundraiser. Thanks! https://soulmans.com/dallas-cares-bbq-rally-harvey-relief-sunday/

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Staff from Soulman’s Bar-B-Cue donating food and bottled water for Hurricane Harvey Relief Event to benefit Evacuees and the United Way of Metropolitan Dallas. https://soulmans.com/dallas-cares-bbq-rally-harvey-relief-sunday/

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Mixed Plate, Soulman’s Bar-B-Que, Texas https://soulmans.com/



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Trailous of A Party Solution/Dallas donates discounted Tents, Tables and Supplies to Hurricane Harvey Relief Benefit, September 2017. With Chef Mick Brown of BBQ RESCUES! Foundation. https://www.apartysolution.com/


Winner’s BBQ Cedar Hill, TX

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Thanks to the Staff at Winners BBQ- Cedar Hills, TX. for donating food to Hurricane Harvey Relief benefit. With Chef Mick Brown of BBQ RESCUES Foundation. http://www.winnersbbq.com/

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Mixed Plate at Winners BBQ Cedar Hills, TX. http://www.winnersbbq.com/


L’Dudyah’s Stiq and Stay BBQ Sauce

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A Very Special Thanks to Lisa L. Whitmore who was not only volunteered for BBQ RESCUES! Foundation Staff, but also gave us a taste of her soon-to-be launched Stiq and Stay Sauce. Recipe-https://bbqrescues.com/2017/10/27/spooky-smoky-shrimp-and-lobster-cocktail-with-spirulina/



#Volunteer #BBQRESCUES #Foundation #HurricaneHarvey #Benefit #Dallas #CedarHill #Texas
Chef Mick Brown with BBQ RESCUES! Foundation Thanks All Volunteers for “Dallas Cares: A Hurricane Harvey BBQ Benefit”. September 2017

“Spotlight on BBQ RESCUES! Foundation Part III” Coming Soon. Stay Tuned!


Mission BBQ RESCUES! Foundation-

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Western Food and Hospitality Expo- www.westernfoodexpo.com/

Burgess Brothers BBQ Sauce- https://www.burgessbrothers.com/

Dallas Cares Hurricane Benefit- https://bbqrescues.com/2017/09/01/dallas-cares-bbq-hurricane-harvey-benefit-planned-for-september-10th/

Soulman’s Bar-B-Que Press Release- https://soulmans.com/dallas-cares-bbq-rally-harvey-relief-sunday/

Soulman’s Bar-B-Que- https://soulmans.com/

A Party Solution (Supplies Dallas area)- https://www.apartysolution.com/

Winners BBQ- http://www.winnersbbq.com/

L’Dubyah’s Stiq and Stay BBQ Sauce Go Fund Me- https://www.gofundme.com/ldubyahs-stiq-stay-bbq-sauce




Welcome Back to BBQ RESCUES! 2022

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BBQ RESCUES! Foundation’s new logo was generously donated by Freelance Designer Extraordinaire Diane Biochut of http://321message.com/


We hope you enjoy our new content. With everything else going on in the world, we do still need to eat. BBQ RESCUES! will always be here to help with delicious Recipes, Tips, Cooking Tricks and occasional Humor. Eat and Be Well.

As a Black Man, What Happens in Vegas (at Circus Circus) Stays with Me Forever

By Chef Mick Brown

#ChefMickBrown #IAmBBQ2018
Chef Mick Brown to present “Making BBQ Healthy and Authentic at NBBQA “I Am BBQ 2018”

Thanks for checking in with Chef Mick. Special Greetings to those who have followed me on Google, YouTube and in Social Media over the years. Of course, I have read and heard about strong arm robbery and racial discrimination in my lifetime. Who ever thought it would be done to me by a hotel in Las Vegas, with the aid of local police? I thought that I was staying at one of the happiest places on earth- Circus Circus Resort and Casino. Did you know that if a Black man is a guest at your Vegas resort, he can be jailed for trespass?

Part of my mission for Vegas trip was to decide on a vehicle upgrade for our charity’s 2020 plans to travel the US for outreach projects. Should I stay with the Infiniti QX60 or try out a Tesla for a change? Back to the trip. My first Vegas experience was learning that someone had hacked and sold the Lady Gaga tickets I had purchased a year ago for Thursday night’s “Enigma” show. Before reaching city limits, I was also enriched with a 110 mph Speeding Ticket courtesy of the Las Vegas Highway Patrol.

Things got better the next day, when Jennie from the Park Theatre Box Office upgraded me to the front of stage SRO area. So I got to sing eye-to-eye with Lady Gaga on Saturday night. Then the MGM Box Office gave me a second row aisle seat to the Michael Jackson “One” show on Sunday. The dancers interacted with me so much that people approached afterwards to ask if I was part of the show. Great times.

Earlier on Sunday, I was loaned a Model X by Las Vegas Tesla for the whole day. The car was an amazing feat of auto engineering and drove like a dream. They knew that I was an outgoing guy who would show it off to folks. Also, I was doing charity for the BBQ RESCUES! Foundation, so I even offered people free rides (within a mile). No one took me up on the offer, not even the homeless. Circus Circus security thought I was somehow soliciting something and asked me to stop talking to my new friends at the resort. Why?

Then it happened. I was maybe a little drowsy from the exciting night with Michael Jackson. While trying to check out of my room at Circus Circus on Monday, this creepy security guard named Clarke started following me around. I politely told him I was just packing my car, and asked to please give me space. He roared “NO! I’m calling the Manager!”. Seemingly seconds later a posse shows up with hotel staff and the Las Vegas Police Department (LVPD). So now I am a drunk and disorderly Black man whose Photo ID has been mysteriously ditched by the Circus Circus Security Guard And/Or Staff. Please contact me if anything similar has happened to you in Las Vegas. [Email address is below].

Reality Check. Has anyone stayed at Circus Circus recently? Maybe it was just me, but I couldn’t ask staff for a water bottle without presenting my hotel key and a Photo ID. So the hotel pretended like I didn’t have it, even though I was staying in one of their rooms? As if. Or did they want a chance to deliberately steal all of my cash, valuables and bust up a new iMac Desktop computer that is owned by Charity? Do Non-Black Circus Circus Clients who are allegedly drinking get a chance to have coffee, sleep it off or are they all hauled off to jail?

Circus Circus- I’m listening for your Answers?

What happened afterwards is something I’m not quite yet ready to re-live. Will do so soon. I promise. Also, will update you on the car race. In the meantime I want you to please Live, Eat and Be Well.     

Are there any good-hearted Civil and/or Defense Attorneys in Las Vegas? My Court Date is 12/19/19.

Chef Mick Brown is the Executive Director of national 501c3 Charity, the BBQ RESCUES! Foundation and hosts “BBQ RESCUES! TV With Chef Mick Brown” on Youtube. Professionally, he has appeared on television, winning the first ever BBQ themed episode of Food Network’s “Cutthroat Kitchen”. He has also appeared on Spike TV, the Cooking Channel and on Bravo’s “Vanderpump Rules” Season Finale. He has been a Judge at the World Food Championships (sponsored by Walmart). He is also known for presenting a Healthy BBQ Seminar at the National Barbecue and Grilling Association’s International Conference. Email Mick@bbqrescues.org.